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After Scandinavia, there is a new gastronomic Mecca that is emerging: PERÚ.

More and more people are immersing themselves in the food culture in which the Incas civilizations have left important traces behind.
The kitchen has been developing rapidly in recent years. The Peruvian kitchen includes a wide variety of cultural influences. Much of what the original inhabitants of Peru ate has been preserved, and later mixed with Spanish, Italians, African and Asian influences.
In addition, the Peruvian culture is also known for its wealth of ingredients and varieties; various types of potatoes and peppers being two notable examples.

Recent years have seen an increasingly emerging food culture in Peru.

As many of you may know we have been over 20 years bringing the taste of Peruvian food around Holland in various public activities with Rincón del Sabor Perú and private events with Peruvian Cuisine NL, our intention is to bring to your palate a little taste of our country and we thanks that we still maintain the rich Peruvian seasoning in our palates in order to take them to you. Our dishes are made with authentic Peruvian ingredients. We try to keep up the culinary tradition of the various regional dishes such as for example we can mention the Cabrito a la Trujillana, The Carapulcra, The Olluquito, La Puca Picante, Patasca and our classic Ceviche! We can continue mentioning many Peruvian dishes and never ending because we are a rich country cuisine and this is our challenge to make known the true Peruvian cuisine all over Europe!

Thanks for choosing us as the best!

Alberto Rodriguez Zapata

Chef Owner

New York Pizza

Wie een keer bij New York Pizza heeft besteld of gegeten, merkt meteen dat alles bij deze pizzaketen draait om smaak. Niet voor niets is New York Pizza al sinds de oprichting in 1993 dé smaakmaker van Nederland. In de eerste plaats natuurlijk op het gebied van de verrukkelijke pizza’s, de overheerlijke pasta’s en de verrassende bijgerechten. Maar ook als het gaat om service, om acties, om de bijzondere sfeer en om de gezellige medewerkers staat New York Pizza bekend om zijn goede smaak.

Smaak, kwaliteit en service; dat is waar New York Pizza voor staat. Het hele concept is daar dan ook op gericht. De keuze voor kwalitatief hoogwaardige en verse producten is voor New York Pizza vanzelfsprekend. In combinatie met de onderscheidende bereidingswijze en de Amerikaans gerichte service – waar mogelijk altijd nét dat stapje verder gaan – is de basis voor het New York Pizza-concept gelegd. New York Pizza is dan ook Freakin’ Fresh!

Café Binnenvisser



Organic food and wine, sustainable and Fair-trade products, including Bulgarian Specialties. Live music and local artist exhibitions
Casual dining with culinary distinction. A cozy little Balkan restaurant in Amsterdam’s ‘Upper West’ zone. Since 2012, chef Huby and the crew have been delighting both neighbors and travellers with our food and our friendship.

Our ever-changing menu always includes some excellent choices for both vegetarians and carnivores, including traditional Bulgarian specialties — and of course our celebrated burgers.

You see, Zest is also about the sheer pleasure of each other’s company. The setting is relaxed and cool, and often spontaneously musical. Bicycle repairmen, lawyers, guitar players, dressmakers, teachers, journalists and hiphop artists all feel at home here. We think you will too.

The food is great, the time is now. Welcome to Zest.

Miss Saigon


Gallery 3

Just food.
(But also: Coffee, soda’s, juices, cakes, beers, wine and love)

Restaurant Riaz

De Roti koningin van Amsterdam-West kopte een krant al eens. En ook beroemdheden als Frank Rijkaard kennen de weg naar de Roti van mevrouw Riaz. Surinaams, Indisch en Indiaas Halal Restaurant.

Toko Bersama

Toko Bersama heeft haar deuren geopend in januari 2016 aan de Bilderdijkstraat 116 in Amsterdam. Achter Toko Bersama werkt een ervaren team met verschillende expertises. Allen met passie voor de Aziatische keuken én voor de klant.


"Delicious plant-centric food that is good for you, good for the planet and makes you happy."