Organic food and wine, sustainable and Fair-trade products, including Bulgarian Specialties. Live music and local artist exhibitions Casual dining with culinary distinction. A cozy little Balkan restaurant in Amsterdam's 'Upper West' zone. Since 2012, chef Huby and the crew have been delighting both neighbors and travellers with our food and our friendship. Our ever-changing menu always includes some excellent choices for both vegetarians and carnivores, including traditional Bulgarian specialties — and of course our celebrated burgers. You see, Zest is also about the sheer pleasure of each other’s company. The setting is relaxed and cool, and often spontaneously musical. Bicycle repairmen, lawyers, guitar players, dressmakers, teachers, journalists and hiphop artists all feel at home here. We think you will too. The food is great, the time is now. Welcome to Zest.


Bilderdijkstraat 188 1053 LE Amsterdam

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